30 minutes

Broccoli with potatoes and Varoma eggs

Finally I can tell you what we have been working on these last days. After many of you have asked us for DIET recipes for Thermomix®, we have prepared a new special very cool so that you have all the recipes low in calories, collected in one place.

But we need your collaboration. Our SPECIAL DIET to get to the spring made some figurines depends on all of us. I already know how this is going. Me on a diet all day and you to eat ...: D Everyone here to reach over the shoulder. Go thinking that diet recipe works best for you, which salad you are most passionate about or what dessert you make that is almost calorie free.

Our friend Lauri He has already written to us - we have been turning the subject on Facebook for a couple of weeks - and you have not sent his version ofRomanescu with eggs and potatoes, which we will include in that new recipe book that we will make with all your proposals, so if you want to participate, send us your photo and recipe to [email protected].


We have no deadline, we have thought that it is better to go cooking, testing and collecting, so we will be putting some of the recipes in Community and others we will put into practice in Spoon Speed. When we have enough, we will make the recipe book so you can download it as usual.

Today's recipe is simple, like Laura's Romanescu. You will only have to place your vegetables in the varoma, the eggs if you put them next to the vegetable you will have to plasticize them for hygiene, although they will be better done if you put them in the glass inside the basket, and the potatoes on the tray.

You can now dedicate yourself to a ratillo, and dress your hair, hehehehehe, that the Thermomix works for you.

Broccoli with potatoes and Varoma eggs
5 min
30 min
Total time:
35 min
To help you reduce calories today we use the thermomix and prepare a healthy and rich steamed dish. Touch diet recipe.
Author: Rosa Ardá
Type of recipe: Vegetables, Varoma
Spanish Cuisine
Servings: 2
  • Broccoli sprigs clean and washed in quantity to taste
  • 1 large potato, peeled and sliced
  • 2 eggs
  • Extra virgin olive oil
Steps to follow
  1. put 500gr of water in the glass and heat it by programming 6 minutes, Varoma, speed 1. With this time it should be enough for the temperature to be in Varoma, if not, program a couple more minutes.
  2. In order not to lay the eggs with the broccoli and to cook them better, put the basket in the glass without burning and put the eggs there. In the varoma bowl put the broccoli in corsages, place the sliced ​​potatoes on the tray, if you want, add a pinch of salt and 20-25 minutes program, Varoma, speed 1.
  3. You can place it and water it with a little extra virgin olive oil.
- The point at which you like vegetables can vary, so put the times to your liking. There are people who love al dente and others who are too soft.
- Depending on how much you fill the varoma, you will have to increase the times a little more or reduce them. Check once in a while that cooking is going well. Click the vegetable to check it.
- Each gr of oil has 9 calories, so don't put on too much. A tablespoon is about 10 grams or the equivalent of 90 calories.
-Recipe suitable for ovolacteo-vegetarians, celiacs, diabetics and hypocaloric diets.

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