Black pudding truffles with tomato jam

Knock knock, can you? Hello my Name Is Amara and I am the new tenant of the Community. The truth is that I have been here for a couple of months, installed in the only hole that was free ... in the room of the brooms, but you know, the sun, the summer, the beach, the tapas of the bar (yes, those that stay in my ass the rest of the year !!) and so far I did not find the time to cook something to introduce myself properly. But today I woke up wanting to cook and finally I started with this recipe that I had pending for a special occasion.

Definitely, mine are snacks and simple things to enjoy with my friends, and I want to dedicate to them The first recipe of La Comunidad, because they are my guinea pigs, because they like everything, because they inspire me, because they encourage me, because they are great. As my friend Chus said yesterday “how nice it is to have friends with whom to be able to do things”… I also want to take the opportunity to thank Rosa, for working for us without receiving anything in return, for giving us this corner on her blog and for not giving up in times of "storm" ... ais, I get stupid ... to the mess !!!! ; D



For the truffles:
2 black pudding
1 scallion
15gr of olive oil
1/2 teaspoon thyme
200gr ground almonds
2 egg whites
150gr of flour

For the jam:
500gr of tomatoes (I used kumatos)
250gr of sugar
2gr of agaragar

Preparation of truffles:
1.- Grind the almond 5 seconds at speed 5 and reserve.
2.- Without cleaning the glass, put the scallion in quarters and chop it 5 seconds in speed 5. Add the oil and thyme and saute 11 minutes, Varoma, speed 2.
3.- Add the sausage without skin and in small pieces and program 1 minute at speed 3.
4.- When the dough is tempered, make balls and pass them by flour, egg white and finally by ground almonds and fry until golden brown.

Jam preparation:
1.- Put the tomatoes and sugar in the glass and shred 5 seconds at speed 4 (If you like it without pieces, give it a few more seconds).
2.- Program 20 minutes, Varoma, speed 1. After that time, add the agar-agar and cook 5 min, Varoma, speed 1.

Depending on the occasion you can serve them in several ways, in individual teaspoons, putting a base of jam and on top of the truffle, or serving them all together with the jam separately. You can also put them in truffle molds and put the jam on top
The jam can be prepared from the previous day and even the dough too, so, if you have a lot of trouble at the time of preparing them you will only have to batter and fry them. You can even freeze them if you want.
The original recipe was served with candied tomatoes, but if you want to try other tomato jams, here are a couple of them, which are sure to be great for your truffles: Tomato jelly,  Sweet tomato.

Source of Truffles: 100 practical recipes for thermomix

Video: BLACK SAPOTE - CHOCOLATE PUDDING FRUIT JAM RECIPE. Tastes great. (November 2019).