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Glasa to decorate cookies

“When I decided to decorate Nacho's birthday cookies, I read a lot about how to do it. We are very lucky to have Bea's tutorials to decorate cookies, With step-by-step photos. It is so well explained that I am even ashamed to try to do it, because it is not going to seem even from a distance, but hey, I will try.
In some cases I have made an exact copy of his words because it cannot be explained otherwise.
Like almost all recipes it is much more expensive to write than to make it, so don't be afraid and decorate cookies.

The consistency of the glaze that we need to decorate cookies, we can get it with the thermomix and we can also do the cookies as we explain in this post. We will make the glaze with 4 whites and 800gr of glass sugar at 3 1/2 speed. The amounts to be used to achieve it, it is not an exact science, it depends a lot on external factors such as humidity in the environment, so this is a recipe of those that have to be done by eye to give it the final touch ”.

Cooked byVicky Ortiz


Ingredients for 40 cookies, with 5 different colors:
800 g of industrial glass sugar - Thermomix is ​​not worth it since it is not as fine.
4 egg whites - I buy them pasteurized, they sell them in Mercadona - as a general rule they are 200gr of glass sugar for each egg white.
1 teaspoon of essence without color (almond, vanilla, mint, ... without color, because otherwise, you will dye the glasa).
Food dyes to dye the glasa - the same ones we use to dye the fondant.

Preparation without TMX:
1.- Sift the purchased sugar glass.
2.- Add the egg whites to a bowl, and add about 70 grams of sugar. Start beating until well integrated.
3.- Go adding sugar to tablespoons, while still beating and add everything well.
4.- When there is a little sugar left to add, add the essence spoon (when you pour it, the glasa will become more liquid), and continue beating and adding more sugar. We will continue like this until we get that when taking the glasa with the spoon, it does not fall out of it as if it were the toothpaste.
This is the consistency we will need for the delineation of the cookie.

Bea's advice: “To test the consistency of the eyeliner, we will put a little glasa in a mouthpiece (number 2 or 3) and push it with our finger making a kind of letter L. The glasa will be in its point, if when crossing the two lines the glasa It stands firm, it stays and does not "melt." It will take a few minutes until we get this consistency. ”

5.- Separate the glasa obtained in different bowls, depending on the colors you are going to use.
6.- Add the coloring you want in each bowl.
7.- Each bowl, with the glasa already stained, separate it in two. You leave it already like this, since the glasa is dense and it will be with which you make the eyeliner - the eyeliner serves so that the filling does not leave the Galician - is the first thing that must be drawn on the cookie. Another bowl will be to get the filling glaze, for this, you add a drop of water and bat for another minute, so it will be weaker. Now you need a consistency in which, when you take it with the spoon, it falls and dissolves with the rest by counting up to 5 seconds, so it will be at its point of filling glaze. The consistency that you should achieve is similar to that of the carpenter's tail.
9.- When you have the consistencies you are looking for, the let stand half an hour fully covered.

Bea's advice: “The consistency of the glasa will change again with rest and it will thicken a bit. If we have colored the glasa, it is possible that it thickens even more depending on the color and the amount of dye that we have added. ”

Necessary material:
Small pastry sleeves -12 cm-.
Nozzle couplers to the sleeve -to exchange the nozzles-.
Varied nozzles of the number 2 - for the outlined I have 5-.
Varied nozzles 3 and 4 - for the filling.
A damp cloth
Tweezers to hold the sleeves
A photocopy with the drawing you want to make to the cookie

1) The first thing you need is the pattern. Have a sheet, with the drawing that you are going to make to the cookie.

Bea's advice: “You must work as if it were an assembly line. When you feel and are ready to decorate you must have all the material you need at hand. The decoration process needs concentration, and it is not convenient to be constantly getting up and sitting down to take things that we need. At a minimum, you're going to spend a couple of hours decorating, so you should be comfortable. ”

2) After the half hour of rest of the glasas, some air bubbles have appeared that you must eliminate. To do this, gently pass a silicone spatula over the surface so that they disappear.
3) Prepare the nozzles and sleeves that you will need while resting the glasa.
4) Put each glasa in a sleeve with the appropriate nozzle according to our design, of number 2 if it is to delineate and of number 3 or 4 if it is for filling. Once you have the glasa on the sleeve, cover it using a folded and moist kitchen paper, which will help so that the glasa does not dry out and to keep the tip clean.

5) Delineated and filled: To delineate, the nozzle you must not touch the cookie, place it at a height of one or two centimeters Above the cookie. I have delineated all the cookies and then I have filled them with the filling icing. Use a stick so that the glasa reaches all corners. The filling glaze should be at the same height as the delineation.
6) Once the cookie is finished, you must let it dry for at least 12 hours before storing it in the sachets.

Note: It is advisable to always store some white glasa, in case we need it later. It is always better to do more than less.
To decorate. They will be great ...