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Sighs of lovers of Teruel

Teruel Lovers by Mar Martinez
"The Sighs of lovermade with egg, butter, sugar and cheese, is a typical sweet Teruel, made especially for the celebration of Isabel de Segura's wedding. This Medieval festival is celebrated in mid-February and tells the story of the lovers of Teruel through the streets of the city. In case you don't know her, I'll tell you briefly ...

It is the tragic story that tells the courtship of two Turolenses, Diego Marcilla and Isabel de Segura, in the twelfth century. In good manor houses, Diego was the second of his brothers in the line of inheritance and thus could not get Isabel's hand. Her parents tell her that if she reaches wealth within six years, she can marry her beloved Isabel ...

Diego leaves for Syria to fight against the infidel and returns to Teruel, just on the day that ends the five-year term set by Isabel's parents. The city is partying and they tell him that Isabel, due to the pressure of her family, has agreed to marry Pedro Fernández de Azagra, brother of Mr. de Albarracín.


Diego goes to Isabel's house, hides, surprises her alone and tells her what happened and asks for a love kiss. She refuses in the round, a kiss from a married woman! Never! Diego jumped, falls dead at his feet.
The next morning, Isabel, Madame de Azagra, goes to the funerals of her beloved. Approaching the corpse, before the comments of the people, that fills the Church, he gives him the kiss he had denied him last night. Instantly she is dead of love. They were not buried together but close.

In the Church of San Pedro they have been for many years their tombs mausoleums. They are the work of the sculptor Juan de Avalos and what is most striking is that the hands of the two are on top of each other but without touching, making it clear that neither in life nor after the dead could they be together. ”

A sad story, but to take away the bad taste, prepare some sighs of lover and voila!
Ah, I forgot, almost all Teruel patisseries have them, but I have always bought those from Albarracín pastry shop, which are the best for me. They put them in a little box in the shape of the tower of San Salvador, which is one of the towers that form the profile of the city of Teruel. ”

Sighs of lovers of Teruel
Author: Rosa Ardá
  • For 18 lover sighs:
  • 100 gr unsalted butter
  • 2 eggs
  • 50 gr of sugar
  • 8 servings of cheese
  • broken dough or puff pastry molds (tartlets)
  • 50 gr of glass sugar
Steps to follow
  1. Put in the thermomix the butter, cheese, sugar and eggs during 5 minutes, 90º and speed 3, It has to be like a creampie, if necessary in the end the speed increases so that everything is mixed well.
  2. Put the creampie in the tartlets and put them in the oven. Bake on the grill 10 minutes.
  3. Sprinkle with the glass sugar on top when they are cold.
These tartlets are made of broken pasta, you can also make them from puff pastry.
Source: Pastry-Pastry Xocolata from “Mundorecetas”

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