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Pears in syrup with Thermomix

I love the boats Le Parfait, I think they are beautiful to fill with anything, even to decorate in the kitchen, but to pack they are the best and I would not be surprised if you had any at home, because they are usually the ones they use with good pates.

If you are one of those who follow Spoon Speed long time ago, and of the ones you make packed with us, you know that we always buy our glass boats from the boys of Juvasa.com, especially for how well they treat us and of course for the price. When we met them they did not have just jars in quantities that were not giant because they sold for large companies, but now and after shopping little by little and seeing that we like to pack at home, they have made a pack for domestic consumption, and for a few months are also unique distributors of “Le Parfait” in Spain.

My boat is 1 liter capacity, to give you an idea: they are sold in a pack of 6 units At a price of 14.28 euros, so each boat costs € 2.38. As I like to pack and give away, I will show you how to use them. I have several ideas that I hope you like.


Do not forget our specialDIET RECIPES WITH THERMOMIX

This is one more idea of ​​the many we have about packaging, is a super simple recipe that I hope you put into practice. Every time we pack less because we already have fruit all year round, but think that it can be a great gift for communions, weddings, birthdays, when we go to dinner at friends' house, when they come home, put a cute tag hanging on the boat with A pretty phrase. Surely this detail does not go unnoticed.

Pears in syrup
10 minutes
30 min
Total time:
40 min
Today we pack some pears in syrup to use as a dessert or as a gift.
Author: Rosa Ardá
Type of recipe: Preserves and jams
Spanish Cuisine
Servings: 8
  • 1 boat of 1 liter of Le Parfait capacity ó 2 boats of 500 gr
  • 1 kilo of small pears that are at maturity
  • 500 gr of water
  • 380 gr of white sugar
Steps to follow
  1. Put in the glass of the Thermomix® the water with the sugar and prepare the syrup programming 10-12 minutes, varoma, speed 1.
  2. Meanwhile peel the pears and cut them in halves by removing the stone. So that they do not oxidize, I accumulate them in a bowl of water with the juice of half a lemon.
  3. When you have all lists, put the pears in the pot Y pour the boiling syrup over.
  4. Close your jar and canned in the fridge or pasteurized, covering the jar with water and boiling for 30 minutes at 100 ° C in a normal pot or half the time in a pressure cooker.
- For vacuum packing, you have to boil the jar you are going to use beforehand. Everything should be as sterile as possible so that there are no contamination.
- The fruit must be at its point of maturity but it must not be damaged or it will not be worth it. Undo the one you see that is not in good condition.
- We use small pears because they are more colorful and easier to accommodate inside the jar.
- Packaging jars should be wide-mouthed so that it is easy to carry and empty. You can also reuse these glass as many times as necessary. It will only be necessary to change the rubber when it deteriorates.
- Do not forget to label your jars to know on what date you have pasteurized them.
- Keep in a cool, dry and dark place.
- We explain here How to vacuum pack.
Source: Le Parfait