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Mr. Willy, the king of the house

It has always been a "Sir". Elegant, with an enviable, affectionate and very handsome style. Everything fits him well: D But the uncle has a bearing that makes his attention come.

This grandmother has surprised us. In a few days, a year ago since he was diagnosed with cancer, and that was the survival they gave him at best. We are very proud of him, of his desire to live, he is the best dog in the world: D

Since January 3 we came to live in the city, he is much happier. He has revived. I imagine that everything surprises you: the smells, the noises, even the light is different. Although Willy has always been a very happy uncle, the years weigh and he did not play as much as before, but now every morning he shows us with the ball in his mouth. It is surprising and we do not give credit, but if I tell you the last anecdote you hallucinate ... I die.

Last week we had to go to the other house - we still have things to bring here, but we are going slowly - because they had to put a varnish on the floor, and we left so happy. That morning the canine was great and as soon as we arrived at our destination, he became apathetic, threw himself in a corner and did not want to eat, eat dinner, have breakfast, swim. It was a bit weird and we decided to leave it 24 hours before taking it to the vet. On Sunday we returned. I brought what I had not eaten and when I put it on the plate already in Malasaña, I zamp everything and asked for more. Tall tail, Willy Pizpireto again. Javi and I did not give credit and we laughed out loud.


Javi: "This bullfights what he wants."
Ro: I don't know how to interpret this, I'm really surprised by your attitude.
Javi: Of course, he likes this house more.
Ro: hahahahaha, well thank you. It is a crack the Willy, it grunts me. : D

And it is, it's a pass from "puppy". The joy of the house. Yesterday without going any further, I got some wooden benches that we will paint in a few days. It helped me unpack them. I gave the plastic with its legs and I was dead laughing. He got inside, nibbled the stickers ... all to open them, it really was so funny that I took the phone and took these photos.

These days I have to take care of him a little more because he has diarrhea, I think that on Sunday we went for a walk and it rained, he caught the cold. I'm preparing another little rice to eat and, incidentally, we are going to cook a couple of recipes for you. We are going to release the oven borrowed with a sweet and a savory recipe and I have another little thing in mind. Willy and I have to keep pace and adapt to the new kitchen ... If we have time, today we put a new recipe.

We will tell you how we are going through the neighborhood, for the moment we are very happy: D. To the kitchen…