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Camilo, first month at home

Hi! It's Friday already and it rains in Cantabria in Madrid. Today I do not bring you a recipe, today I am going to tell you that Camilo has already been at home for a month, and that tomorrow he will also be 3 months old (02/24/2014). Just the day of the football match between Atleti and Real Madrid in Lisbon. We will have to celebrate the complies month In any case, whoever wins: D For him, adapting to his new life has been easy. It is costing us a little more, especially for me, but I am progressing favorably: D It is making it very easy.

Since he came home he hasn't cried even once. The first night we put a bed at the foot of ours - as with Willy- and has slept very well. He was a bit duckling when he arrived because he didn't control his limbs much, but now he runs like a big dog. Is very good. He promises to be a great travel companion. Puppies usually do many crowds at home and in passing, they usually break something. I can't assure you that he won't do it yet because he still has to change his teeth and that hurts and makes them nibble a lot, but for the moment he has only dedicated himself to biting his toys and our nose, feet, Javi's shoes and little more. Oh yeah! he steals our clothes when we shower ... he loves to take her to the other side of the house to embarrass his parents.

“Ainsss, Camilo. That is not to play "


It has gone from weighing 2 kilos and little to 3,500 kg at all (I have to weigh it again, but I don't have a scale at home yet, then I take it to the pharmacy: WEIGHT 3,900 Kg). It is very high in comparison, I can photos. He understands perfectly already the sit down Y tomb. He goes out to the street, greets all the canines, does his things in his place and gives many kisses. It only has one defect, He gets very dizzy in the car, we have already checked it 3 times, so Will there be biodramina for dogs?, or that, or the plastic bag so that it does not happen to me like the last time and the short trips so that it does not catch mania to the car; D In any case, to be such a small puppy, it is a saint.

The best thing is that you have that independent point of playing alone even if it stands by your side. We can leave home without crying. What we do is leave without saying anything, as if we were going to enter the next room ... he sees us, and knows that it is the door to leave, but he stays calm. Upon arrival we do the same. We enter as if nothing, we leave our things in place and then we greet you and eat it with kisses.

As you can see, the three of us are adapting to being together, and although we miss Willy, we know that Camilo is going to be a dog that we are going to love a lot, Javi tells me:“I already love him, I think!” :)

We both think that Willy gives him advice. We always say that at night, when Camilo barks in dreams, it's because he's playing with Willy.

Enjoy tomorrow's game… #soycamilo #kerryblueterrier #madrid