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Kitchen Craft® apple pie mold

I'm premiere When I see a mold that I like, the first thing I do is get excited about it ... “How beautiful, how I like it, what a cool color, what a cute little cake there…” I don't need to tell you how we convince ourselves: D I think that when we like something, we all give it the same turns. First all the positive of the mold, and then the negative. “I already have a lot of molds, I shouldn't spend, and if I don't use it much…”

The problem I came across is that this time I went to a downtown store for something else, so I had a bigger dilemma. Buying two things on the same day is too much because they are things that I don't need, they are a whim, and the whims are expendable, but I had external support. My sister who was spending a few days in Madrid told me how beautiful it was, so in the end the purchase was 2 × 1 -I have to blame someone-, and when I left I was thinking"Where do I put this now if I don't fit anymore". Does it sound to you? The good thing -or bad- is that I found it cheaper on the internet ... than luck, I paid more :( "Apple Pie Mold".

I think it's time to get down to work for a post on “How to store molds without going out the windows ”... I fear that there are not many tricks, space is limited, yet we can always look for some gap ... I have to think about it and accept ideas.


Here you have this blue wonder that has made me fall in love. It is a mold for Apple pie precious signature Kitchen Craft® which I confess, I had no idea they had stoneware molds. This British firm has metal molds, cookie cutters, muffin molds, silicones, but I didn't know many more things, and now that I have entered the Web, I see they have everything.

The mold finishes are beautiful. I really liked the outer dotted, those stripes. On the official website of Kitchen Craft® you can see this mold for "Apple Pie", Here you have the link. I bought it at a store in Madrid where they only had this one and although I asked, they told me they didn't know if they would bring more, so I understand that it is a bit complicated to get it. I've been searching the net and Amazon and I haven't seen them either ... I'm afraid if you fall in love, the thing is going to be complicated ...

What I didn't realize until I got home was that the recipe which comes in the center of the mold in English, it wasn't a sticker, was recorded. I honestly thought it was. I had seen it in other molds that I had brought from other purchases on other occasions, but when I went to scratch to lift the plastic ... upssss, it is not stuck, it is so. I love. Now I will have to try the recipe that is written ...

... and put the recipe on, right? Who want her?

The mold measures 26cm x 6cm