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I have always been afraid of the issue of the express pot and the quick pot. I guess I had in mind the old pots that our mothers used, something more rudimentary. What I had always heard was about"Care that can explode" and just for that, I had never put it at home, I have already seen an Italian coffee maker explode ... but things change and I already have my fast pot.

We start with the basics that I did not know. I used to refer to them in both ways: express pot and quick pot, but they are not the same,the express pot Shorten cooking times by 50% compared to normal or traditional cooking time, the quick pot reduce that time by 70%. The difference is in the pressure bars that reaches the pan inside. The new ones go from 0.6 bars to almost1 bar maximum, that is to say that they are placed above 100ºC which makes cooking even faster - everything will depend on working at low pressure -1 ring- or high pressure -2 rings-. The result is a saving of time and energy, without losing flavor, aromas and nutrients. And the truth is that the pots have also changed a lot ... you just have to see them, they are becoming more attractive.

The first thing I have cooked in them since my return vacation, are meat stews and chicken broths to try. I have already lost my fear of opening it, this is very intuitive, so I will share what I am preparing. I leave more data, read on ...


  • All the fast pots I've seen can be purchased with different capacities.Normally they are sold in sets of 1 or 2 pieces with the same diameter to take advantage of the lid and so, you have the pot of 3 liters, 4 liters, 6 liters, etc ... you can continue using the same lid with all of them. If you need more capacity to make a stew you take the large pot, if you are going to make a stew for 4, with a 3-4 liter pot it will be left over. It is convenient to have several sizes to adapt it to the needs of each moment.
  • The WMF that I have has Timer with acoustic warning and warning light to know when you can open your pot. When it turns red, the pot is closed and the opening is blocked, the pressure is high. When the pilot turns green, you can open your pot with confidence. The timer allows you to put how many minutes you want the pot to be on the fire and start the countdown when it has reached the indicated pressure with 1 or 2 rings that you choose. Alerts you to turn it off even if it has a small defect, the timer alarm sounds too low and if you are working with your Thermomix® It is very likely that you will not listen. You have to be aware.
  • Pressure levels and rapid depressurization. This pot has like almost all two rings that indicate how much pressure the pan reaches inside. The choice of the ring will depend on what we are going to cook.The first ring (delicate cooking at 110ºC, 45 kPa operating pressure, 90 kPa regulating pressure) is used to cook vegetables, fish and fruits, the second ring (fast cooking at 119ºC, 95 kPa operating pressure and 130 kPa regulating pressure up to 150 kPa) for the rest of the food. The handle allows you to put what ring you want to rise from the moment you close the pot and this same device allows you to speed up the process of depressurization so you don't have to wait long to open it. It is really comfortable and easy to use. The handle also has a light sneak, a pilot that turns red and blocks the opening of the pot when it has taken pressure and goes green when the depressurized pot is and is ready to open safely. This part of waiting to open it was the most feared and with these new pots it could not be easier.
  • The cooking time is significantly reduced. A meat that you would cook in a traditional way would have you on the fire for 90 minutes, it happens to be done in 20-30 minutes, becoming sweet, with a very concentrated and delicious flavor. They are spectacular.
  • The amount of liquids. Eye, do not overdo the liquids that barely evaporate in cooking. It is true that they are reduced more than I expected - or it is that I have not yet taken the trick and I am cooking very hard - but less than if I cooked in a traditional pot over low heat, what if it concentrates is very much the flavor.
  • Energy saving: Once you cover your pot, and put your kitchen to the top with the indication on which ring will work, you can lower the temperature of your kitchen. In my case, my vitro does not allow me to lower it to a minimum because it does not keep me under pressure and my rings are lowered, so I must find the balance of minimum consumption and maximum efficiency. This varies greatly depending on the plate you have, induction, hob, gas ... in any case, by reducing cooking times, you will get savings. And eye, that if you let it depressurize little by little with the fire off, we manage to continue cooking with the inertia of the heat that the pan has by reducing energy expenditure.
  • The detachable handle. It seems silly but it is not. You can wash the lid and the rubber thoroughly and pass the handle under the tap - the nooo timer that is broken. The cake can also go to the dishwasher, but I like to wash them by hand if I have time.
  • It cooks everything but it is very useful forlegumes, meats, broths, steamed... even serves to sterilize glass jars, preserves, bottles ...
  • Quick cooking is better for preserving vitamins, taste and smell.
  • A quick pot serves you to cook normally, in fact glass covers are sold in some models ... so you have it all in one without having a thousand kitchen pieces. This model also brings a steamer accessory, -a stainless steel basket that is inserted into the pot-. I will try it, I promise. For now I continue studying everything I find to get performance.
  • The steel with the use catches stains by heat, frying, it is normal ... that anger, new and impolute last the first two days, but that as everything. In fact in the photo I have tried - without much success - to touch up some spots of the use that I did not like as they were in the image: D With what I am for these things, that I am always making it shine…
  • The pots have a filling limit, the minimum is 250 ml of liquids and the maximum is 2/3 of the total capacity. With foods that expand inside the pot such as rice, dried vegetables, you have to fill the pot only up to half the capacity. Normally they incorporate a brand so that you do not go over.
  • That it is a quick pot does not mean that it works miracles, he stir-fry and the initial preparation of the recipe, no one takes it from you. If you are going to stew, you will have to do the process equally, the time you save is in cooking the meats. I will already give you recipes for you to see clearly. Of course, the recipes to put everything in and put to cook exist and are the most tempting when we are in a hurry: D
  • The timers I have read in some forum that the timer is broken. I imagine that as everything digital has a lifespan. I suppose there will be replacement, but it is not necessary to buy just the fast pot of the clock, if you have an oven with a programmer or the typical kitchen timer, the result is the same. Another defect that I have put up there before, is that the beep is too low for me. If I am scrubbing or with the Thermomix® at full speed I have to be attentive because I do not listen to it, and I assure you that I am not yet "lieutenant"… I listen perfectly;) Besides the "Timer" It can't get wet. Remove it before washing the handle under the tap.
  • Instruction books that give the possibility to cool the pot under the tap to lower the pressure and avoid steam (method 4, page 41 of the instruction book)… That is scary: D, I can't think of that. It is a beastly temperature change that is sure to cause your pot to spoil. We do not do that with any ceramic material, nor does it occur to us because we know it will leave, because if you want a pot to not suffer, do not do it. It's a personal opinion, you don't have to listen to me.

To know what fast pot you need you have to ask yourself a series of basic questions. I regret not having taken the offer of 6.5ly and 3 liters, because I am very much for making soup soups, I love them… but nothing happens, I use it more daily instead of making liters of broth at one time and now is. So I also have more space in the drawer.

  1. How many are you going to cook for? If you are two, the one with 3-4 liters will be enough, if you are four people you will do well with 4.5-6 liters, and if you are six or more people with 6-8 liters. It is always better that the pot is bigger and that you do not have to fill it to cook so that you do not fit what you want to cook if a friend adds to eat;)
  2. What kind of food will I prepare? If yours are family stews on Sundays and stews, it is clear. Take 2 "Bodies", the daily one for the stews and the big one for those copious meals for many. If you are a normal kitchen for the 4 of the house, go for the one that best suits your needs.
  3. What budget do you have to spend? Actually, although these pots are not cheap, there are plenty of good deals on the internet. Search and if you don't find, wait ... it will come. It is best to look and compare. Search forums and user opinions and if you can also speak with an expert in the field you will make a good purchase. The prices vary a lot depending on the brands, mine cost offer € 145plus the discount "Speed ​​Spoon" that shows, I dare, a good offer seen the original price that was € 263, but of course, they are a seen and not seen, so you have to be attentive. See that they are made of good 18/10 stainless steel and have a good diffuser bottom to distribute the heat well. Quality better than quantity.
  4. Does it serve for all types of fires? The new and good of course, but check it, do not go to buy a pot that does not serve your induction ... check the type of material, which is compatible with what you have in the kitchen or what is to come.
  5. And what diameter do I ask? I like them from 24cm in diameter, this pot is 22cm and it seems to me that it is fair although it is not uncomfortable, but as it was an offer I did not think about it, but if you can buy it 24, 26 or 28cm diameter, great, you will not regret it.

I'm reading and trying things so I'll keep you up to date ... and I'll put recipes on you whenever they're delicious;)

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