120 minutes

Nuts and raisins Coca

“This recipe is typical of Valencia, at Easter. You know that we like cocas, we do everything we can imagine. It's like Galicians and empanadas, isn't it, Rosa?

Well, this coca is my mother's favorite and I had never done it until now. But from now on I think it's my turn every year.

I searched for the recipe and found it on the blog of Carlos Valencia "
It was very rich, to my liking it lacked a little sugar, the solution is to put more sugar caked with water on top.


One tip, if you do not eat the same day, it is better to freeze it once baked, or store it very well, with plastic wrap, so that it does not harden immediately.
I hope you like it."

Ingredients: (two large cocas come out, for 10 people each)
Starting mass:
175gr strength flour
90gr water
25gr fresh yeast
100gr water
150gr eggs (2 and a half eggs) (I left the other medium to paint before baking)
125gr sugar
1 tablespoon orange blossom water
75gr extra virgin olive oil
500gr force flour
The zest of the skin of a lemon.

Peeled and diced walnuts
Mistela (a splash, to soak the raisins), or water
1 beaten egg and half that was left over from the dough ingredients
sugar and water to make sugar swabs


  • The previous day:

1.- Put in the glass the water and the yeast of the starter dough and mix 1 minute, 37 ° C, speed 2.
2.- Add the flour from the starter dough and mix 15 seconds at speed 3 and knead 1 minute. Reserve in a bowl, covered with a cloth inside the refrigerator overnight. Ideally, leave it for 12 hours of rest.

  • The day of preparation:

1.- Soak, with mistela, some raisins to decorate.
2.- After 12 hours of rest of the starter dough, put it in the glass together with all the other ingredients of the dough, except oil and flour. Y mix 30 seconds in speed 3.
3.- Add half the flour to the glass (250gr) and mix 20 seconds at speed 5.
4.- Add the other half of the flour (250gr) and return to mix 20 seconds at speed 5. Then knead 3 minutes, closed glass and spike speed.
5.- Add the oil through the mouthpiece during the last seconds of kneading. Check that all the oil has been incorporated into the dough.
6.- Remove the dough with floured hands (it is a sticky dough) and divide it into two parts, form two balls, flatten them, and place on top of 2 oiled baking sheets or with baking paper at its base. Leave them covered with film paper transparent smeared with oil until they double the volume (about an hour, hour and a half). Leave considering that it is a slow fermentation.
7.- When the cocas have already reached their volume, we turn on the oven and the preheat to 180 ° C.
8.- While it is warming up, paint with beaten egg and put on top of chopped walnuts, raisins, which we will have put for a while before soaking, and sprinkle with sugar that we will have mixed with a few drops of water and thus we are left with pegotitos.
9.- Bake in the oven for 20 or 25 minutes with heat up and down. Check that the top of the cocaine is not burned, if it is very fast, cover with albal paper and continue to be made.

Note: One tip, if you do not eat the same day, it is better to freeze it once baked, or store it very well, with plastic wrap, so that it does not give you the air because if it does not harden right away.

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