5 minutes

Mojito with Thermomix ®

I already have the last recipe of this year 2015. Tonight some will toast with a Mojito slush with Thermomix ®. Masters of Mojito or Gin Tonic, very attentive because this is your big night. What the brother-in-law tremble! It is very simple and something different from the typical mojito, another way to do it and enjoy it. You can change quantities to taste, more or less strong. I recommend using white rum and brown sugar. A few peppermint leaves and some slices of lime and go.

I hope you toast tonight as it deserves and that zampéis all the grapes to enter with good foot the new year 2016. See you around. Ah! And obviously beware of excesses. If you see that after the second Mojito you begin to lose control, do not prepare a third party. :-) Take care.
Happy New Year!

  • Gin Tonic cake
  • Lemon Sorbet with Cava
  • Baileys or express whiskey cream
  • Daiquiri
  • Mojito
    5 min
    1 min
    Total time:
    6 min
    Mojito recipe with Thermomix ®, today we prepare a slush to change the presentation of this typical drink a little.
    Author: Rosa Ardá
    Type of recipe: Beverages
    Cuisine: Cuban
    Servings: 6
    • 3 files or 150 gr of lime or lemon juice
    • 100 gr of brown sugar
    • 1 handful of mint or peppermint leaves
    • 100-150 ml white rum
    • 1 or 2 cans of lemon, soda, sprite or seven up soda
    • 800 gr of ice
    Steps to follow
    1. Make the juice, for lemons or unpeeled limes and program 2 seconds in turbo speed. Cuela with the help of the basket. Wash the glass so there are no leftovers left.
    2. Put all the ingredients in the glass and program 40 seconds in progressive speed 5-10. Serve immediately in glasses and decorate with mint leaves, lime or colored straws.