30 minutes


The potatoes are not as fried as in the pan, they are more cooked ... The tortilla was exquisite, so I hope you try it and leave your opinions.

100gr of oil
100gr of water
200gr onion
400gr of potatoes
salt to taste
6 eggs

1.- Put the oil in the glass together with the water and place the butterfly. Program 5 minutes, varoma, spoon speed.
2.- Add now the onion cut into very thin rings and program 5 minutes, varoma, left turn, spoon speed.
3.- Add the sliced ​​potatoes just like when you make the tortilla in a traditional way, program 14 minutes, varoma, left turn and spoon speed. Pour the contents of the glass into the basket to drain the oil well. (I have made the recipe so far, I have beaten the eggs by hand and curdled the tortilla. It is very comfortable to make because you do not have to be aware of the pan)
4.- Without washing the glass, lay the 6 eggs and the salt and mix during 10 seconds in speed 3.
5.- Add the potatoes to the glass and let it rest until you go to curdle it.
6.- Now you just need to curdle it in a pan.


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