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Yogurt: Greek yogurt and cheese mousse

Last week I was given to go buy some thermomix magazine to see ideas of recipes, plating, etc ... The fact is that I am not very consuming of this type of magazine, but occasionally I do buy some, and When I do, there are always two specific publications.

This time as I had not arrived Thermococina, I began to dig a little until I found the fourth installment of “The best 100 recipes for Maricruz desserts with your Thermomix". I shouldn't, but the temptation was so great, jijiijijii, that I couldn't leave her; D

Yes, they were “desserts” everywhere, 100 nothing more and nothing less. Now, I know that for the bikini operation this is probably not the best, but having a delicious dessert after a weekend meal is great.


It comes out rich, rich, it takes little, just 2 minutes and 25 seconds and it's very easy. Now you just need to prepare it.

Ingredients for 6-8 people (if you put them in small cups):
125gr cream cheese spread (* gluten free)
75gr of sugar or saccharin
125gr of whipping cream
2 Greek yogurts *
Strawberry or raspberry jam (optional)

1.- Put the butterfly in the glass and add the cheese spread and sugar, program 2 minutes in speed 2.
2.- Add the very cold cream and program 20 seconds in speed 4 (the butterfly resists it : D).
3.- Take the Greek yogurts and mix 5 seconds at speed 2. Serve in glasses and garnish. Ready

Note: You can prepare this dessert in advance, but I recommend you not to put the jam so that the surrounding area turns pink until serving time or a few hours before. This wonderful dessert can create addiction for its rapidity in preparation and for its rich flavor. ; D

Special diets *: Celiacs, ovo-dairy-vegetarians and egg allergic, can make this recipe with products suitable for them. Diabetics should substitute sugar for saccharin and omit the jam unless it is sugar free and will be a dessert for occasional consumption.

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