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“Black Forest” cake for father's day

That almost did not arrive. It's Friday and I was in the kitchen preparing this cake for him "Father's day". I have finally finished it and I give you the gift.

It is my congratulations to all the parents of the planet. A chocolate and cream pie. My first "Black Forest".

As I can not see my father because I have to work and stay in Madrid, I send him from here a very strong kiss, he is the best father in the world -and the most stubborn- hehehehehe. (You always have to give one of lime and another of sand, hahahahaha)


To those who move these days, beware! with the car. The important thing is to arrive and share. And the rest you stay at home, I leave homework.

Kisses to everyone and congratulations to Pepes and Pepas, Josés and Josefas (like my mother)

Chocolate cake “Black Forest”
Ingredients for 8-10 people:
Cake for mold 16-18cm:
100gr of pastry flour or “loose” wheat
40gr of cocoa powder Value
2 teaspoons of chemical yeast - 1 envelope of yeast -
1 teaspoon of vanilla sugar
1 pinch of salt
3 eggs
150gr of white sugar
100gr of butter at room temperature
40gr of cherry liqueur kirsch o Federicaor Cointreau (to taste)

250gr of cherry liqueur
600gr of cream to mount very cold with 35% m.g
1 teaspoon vanilla sugar
100gr icing sugar

Chocolate chips

1.- Preheat the oven to 180ºC and prepare a greased mold up to 16cm up to 24cm in diameter.
2.- For the cake: Put the flour, cocoa, yeast, vanilla sugar and salt in the glass and sift all together 20 seconds in progressive speed 5-10. Remove and reserve.
3.- Put the butterfly on the blades, pour the eggs and sugar and program 5 minutes, 37th, speed 3 and a half. Time is over again 5 minutes, no temperature at speed 3 and a half.
4.-Add the butter in ointment -at room temperature- and the sifted and reserved flour and mix 4 seconds at speed 1. Remove the butterfly and finish wrapping with the help of the spatula.
5.- Add the 40gr of liquor, integrate into the dough and pour it into the prepared mold. Bake 20-25 minutes at 180 ° C, heat up and down. Once the time is over, go to a rack, let it cool and then unmold.
6.- Stuffing: Place the butterfly on the blades, add the very cold cream and vanilla sugar and 3 and a half speed program without time. When you see that the cream has mounted put the sugar glass and incorporate with the spatula. Reservation

Cake assembly:

  • Cut the cake in half or if you have done it in a smaller mold -like me- and it's high enough, in 3 layers.
  • Put the bottom of the base cake, soak the first base with the cherry liqueur or the one you have chosen to make it juicy and spread with the whipped cream.
  • Repeat the operation as many times as necessary.
  • In the last cake, soak liquor on the inside of the cake.
  • Finally, cover the cake with the whipped cream by smoothing it with a spatula and top it with chocolate chips. Precious

Note: my mold was small, about 18 cm (It is an adjustable ring), so I got the cake to be higher and can divide it into 3 pieces and then fill. If you are going to use a larger mold you can adjust the quantities or repeat another cake to make it to the height you want. It will depend on how many you are to eat: D
If you are going to use a mold of 24 and want to make the cake as it appears in the photo -of 3 floors- I recommend that you double the quantities of the dough.

Source: “Pastry and pastry with Thermomix”