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Sponge cake "amore roll" February 14

Come on, ok ... I've succumbed to the charms of Valentine's Day. I have not been able to resist and with a little dye, eggs and cream, I have prepared a “roll amore” cake and such, in the purest style gypsy arm, but with more glamor. In the photo it is not appreciated, but the pink in direct is much more intense and in spite of not having drunk the cake, it seems to me that it is delicious, with those strawberries with cream that I like so much.

I think in the end, since I don't have a guard, I'm going to cheer up with a surprise dinner: D

Sponge cake "amore roll"
For the cake
4 eggs
120gr of sugar glass
Liquid vanilla or vanilla sugar
Red or pink dye
120gr of flour
a pinch of salt
15gr chemical yeast


For the filling:
400gr of whipping cream
80gr glass sugar
1 tablespoon cheese spread (optional)
Strawberries to taste to fill and decorate (optional)

Preheat the oven to 180ºC, heat up and down.
1.- Put the butterfly in the glass and pour the eggs and the icing sugar. Program 5 minutes, 37º, speed 3 and a half and when time runs out, reschedule 5 minutes, no temperature, speed 3 and a half.
2.- Add a few drops of liquid vanilla or if you do not have a couple of tablespoons of vanilla sugar, add 1/2 teaspoon of the dye and mix 10 seconds in speed 3.
3.- Incorporate the yeast, the flour and the pinch of salt and mix 15 seconds in speed 1.
4.- Line the baking tray with waxed or baking paper. I wet it, make some cuts at the ends of the paper and fit it well into the tray. Pour the mixture and move the tray by rocking it to one side and the other so that it spreads equally everywhere. Hornéa 10 minutes at 180 ° C.
5.- Put the cream very cold in the glass. Put the butterfly and pour the cream, sugar and tablespoon of cheese. Program speed 3 and a half until ready. Reserve in the fridge.
6.- Once baked the cake plate, unmold on albal paper or baking paper sprinkled with icing sugar (so that it does not stick), roll it up and let it cool ...
7.- Open the roll, spread with the reserved cream and pour bits of strawberries. Screw like a gypsy arm. Ready. Garnish with heart-shaped strawberries: D

Video: Vanilla Sponge Cake (November 2019).