Cookies to decorate

What nerves! ... This biscuit kedada arose a month or more ago - I have no idea of ​​time - in the FB group. You know that Vicky loves pastry and cookies, so one day he launched a proposal, to be all in Valencia - his homeland and place of residence - to learn how to decorate with glasa ...

I did not imagine that so many friends of the group were going to move from different parts of Spain. I was afraid of this, I am not going to deny it ... that of devirtualizing imposed on me because one sometimes expects more from the people he knows on the other side of the network and was afraid that the magic would be lost, but I found something very different.

Everyone who was at that table - 20 people - talked as if we knew each other for a lifetime and it really is. We chat every afternoon through the group, we laugh, we tell each other our things, what we eat, what we read, what we do well and badly.


We help each other, we are a small virtual family. What had sat at the table was a group of friends who missed those who couldn't go ... Juanfra, Goi, Ana, Paola, María, Elisa, Queca, Pilar, Marta, Cristina, Nuria, Laia, Silvia, MAngeles, Virgina, Sole, Laura, Patricia, MCarmen, Isabel, Marlene, Natalia, Elena, Encarni, Montse, Marisa and a long etc ... We laughed a lot, telling anecdotes that we have lived together and we also learned to make cookies and decorate them - I'll put them on the blog ... -

Thank you girls / husbands and children included. I had a great time and I want to give you my most sincere THANKS for the love with which you have treated us ...

And I finish with something that has impacted me: THE COMPLICITY of two people who saw each other for the first time, "because a picture is worth a thousand words."
A huge kiss to everyone and a good trip back home.

Message to Sole: Sole !!!! ... your daughters have to give you something that I have done for you, when it arrives you tell me ... not to eat it: D
PD1: Thanks to White hen for giving us some beautiful aprons!
PD2: Kisses to all husbands, they have behaved in scandal!

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