120 minutes

Nice in olive oil

Ana Sanchez
“I discovered this recipe thanks to PiquiCes, who commented that he had made several and this was the one I liked the most. You just have to shop around the photos and recipes of Piqui on Facebook to know that, if you say it is the best recipe, you are absolutely right in the world.

The recipe can be found on the blog “Auro's kitchen“, And it's a recipe from María Noriega, so thanks to Piqui, Auro and María for showing it to us.

It is a pleasure to make that recipe, the preserves of bonito is long but it is not excessively dirty or you run out of making it. To fill the 200 ml cans we ask that you cut the nice sliced ​​5 centimeters (boat height, leaving a couple of centimeters free) and therefore, instead of having 12 or 15 minutes boiling, we had them 8 and they came out perfect.


A beautiful 5.5 or 6 kg loses about a kilo between the head and the viscera, then the shrinkage is small: the skin, the spine and the dark pieces. The slices are cleaned by hand, you do not need a knife or anything, when cooked the meat separates very well from the spine and the skin comes out alone.

We need airtight canisters
Absorbent paper
4 or 5 liters of water
100gr of salt per liter of water
A tartera to cook the bonito
A nice sliced ​​5 cm in the amount you want to pack

1.- Put a pan with 5 liters of water and 500gr of salt on the fire (add the salt when the water breaks to a boil, so it will take less time to boil.
2.- When the water is boiling, we will put the bonito inside the pot, and leave it cook 12-15 minutes.
3.- While preparing a couple of layers of paper towels on a table.
4.- Once cooked, remove the bonito to a tray, and from the tray to the absorbent paper. They are boiling and putting all the beautiful slices on the paper, and we leave it like this couple hours.
5.- So we get them to release all the water. We flip the slices and put more clean absorbent paper. Let it dry for about 12 hours. What we want is to be as dry as possible.
6.- The next day, the paper is soaked. Press again with more paper on both sides if you still see something wet.
7.- The skin, spines and also the dark red central part are removed. It is clear that in the center it is semi crude. Large pieces of bonito are placed in the boats, so that they are about 2cm to the top, and it is filled with oil (I used 0.4º olive). I leave it for a couple of hours, in case it absorbs oil and needs more. The bonito has to be completely covered in oil.
8.- I squeeze the lids well and put the boats to boil in a water bath, for an hour. When I can put my hand in the water, I take out the boats, check the closure of the covers, squeezing again ... and it's ready.
You have to wait three months to consume it and it can last up to two years. The longer it has been dull, the richer it is.

* The boats are from Juvasa.com

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