120 minutes


Hello again everyone. This recipe so rich and little "Light" (it must be said), my friend Lola passed it to me. I have not put the picture of how they were because it did not give me time, we ate them all, so at least you have photos of the preparation before going to the oven. I hope you enjoy them.

For the mass:
400gr flour
100gr beer or other liquid
100gr of milk or water
50gr olive oil
1 sachet of baker's yeast or 20 gr of fresh yeast
For the filling:
You can prepare the filling of whatever you want, I put:
Ikea sausages (they are delicious)
Fried Ikea Onion
Ikea mustard

1.- The first thing we will do is prepare the dough. First we will put the liquids: beer, milk and oil, program 1 minute, 37º, speed 2.
2.- Add the yeast and program 1 minute, 37º, speed 6.
3.- Add the flour and 4 minute speed spike program.
4.- Take the dough out of the glass, let it sit for 30 minutes, covered with greased film.or (I let it rise into the glass).
5.- After waiting for the climb, you will have to stretch the dough and make a triangle, in the widest part you will put the filling and then you will be wrapping, being careful to close the corners. Let stand 1 hour before baking.
6.- Bake for 15-20 minutes at 200º. (I painted the surface with egg).


Lola Bernal Recipe

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