90 minutes

Quick Bread Dough

Yesterday evening, I didn't feel like watching TV, it's been a while since I've been entertained by anything, so I went to the kitchen and took my Thermomix books. Flipping through one of them I saw this recipe and I got to work. The photos were great and the bread too.-

300gr of warm water
an envelope of dehydrated baker's yeast Maizena
500gr of force flour
5 gr of sugar
10gr of salt

1.- Pour the water into the glass and dissolve the yeast by programming 5 seconds in speed 4. If you put dehydrated yeast as I take care that it does not fit in the blades and look through the mouth until you see that it has dissolved and you no longer see the balls.
2.- Add the flour, sugar, salt and mix 30 seconds at speed 6.
3.- Knead programming 2 minutes, closed cup, spike speed.
4.- Let the dough rest inside the glass with the beaker on, until doubled in volume (30 minutes).
5.- Put flour on the work table, knead a little until you make a ball and extract the air from the dough. Give it the shape you want, bun, stick, spike, muffins ... Place the bread in the greased or lined baking sheet of the baking sheet. Let stand again until doubled in volume (30 min) and cut the cuts you want with a knife or scissors.
6.- Preheat the oven to 220º and bake for 20-25 minutes if they are small breads and 30-35 minutes if they are large.


From the book "Bread and Bakery".

Video: Easy Bread Dough Recipe & How to by Wicked Goodies (January 2020).