How to differentiate a hard boiled egg from a raw one?

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Today instead of photos I decided to make the first video. You do not know how well I have had, as it is the first it has cost me a little more, about 4 hours of work, almost everything in front of the computer screen, and I hope you like it and be the first of many.

Thinking -as I always do- in practical things, it seemed to me that this trick would be phenomenal now that we start the hot season and that we make more salads, and in general, we cook more eggs. With it, you will learn to differentiate a raw egg from a hard one, without breaking them.
The technique is very simple and although I have photographed it, I think the video is enough. As of today, you will no longer need to remove cooked eggs and place them in a corner of the refrigerator.

If you know any tricks and want to send them, go to the contact page in the top bar of the blog. I will be happy to share it with everyone.


Video: Raw Or Boiled Egg Experiment (January 2020).