Aprons from

Do not tell me that it is not fun to see Mary wearing her apron and doing her poses !!! XD You don't know how much I laughed because it made me look forward to seeing her so happy. It's great. The photo shoot must have been the most fun, she with her boys, preparing these photos to send them to the blog.

Thanks also to Arantxa for her photo, well, that of her husband with some muffins and the apron.

It has made me a special illusion to give a surprise to Sole, our veteran in the group (not by age, but because she is the best cooker), who like me, lives in Madrid and to whom I brought her the Cuchara Speed ​​Apron yesterday. It was not expected!!!!. Total surprise !!! Thanks to Bethlehem for being my accomplice.


And the rest of the winners: Enjoy it a lot !!!
A huge kiss to all. Happy Sunday
(you always know how to make me smile)

PD: Maria, you're a crack !!!!! These "divine“Hehehehehe

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