My pictures

Who immortalizes who?

As I like to dig through the photos. I do it from time to time, I don't know if to entertain myself or to enjoy the things done. I always find images that I had forgotten, memories that had already vanished and in the end I end with a smile remembering good times. I hope this is not a sign of aging! Tell me that you do too, please !!! hehehehehe.

I loved stumbling on this picture of the wonderful Caprile courses I miss so much. That afternoon we climbed to the roof of the Madrid Fine Arts Circle -Magnificent building, if you do not know it happen even if you have a coffee in your cafeteria- to see a photographic exhibition ... Our challenge was to give our point of view with our camera ... leave our mark and contribute something of ours.

And there is the result, a professional photographer against an apprentice but brilliant photographer. Chusa
Enjoy Sunday, I will continue to see photos: D


Video: How Decades of Instability Gave Rise to Al-Qaeda and the 911 Attacks. History (January 2020).