Garlic: how to peel them with Thermomix

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New trick Can you peel garlic with the Thermomix ?, Yes, you can, but do not expect everyone to be perfect.

This trick is good when you have to peel large quantities, but despite using the left turn, some garlic can be cut and others can be completely unpeeled. It's not perfect but it's going pretty well.
I have been testing speeds until I have found the one that works best ... I have had a smell at home after peeling 1 kilo of garlic, which I do not even want to tell you: D
I hope the trick is useful


We are going to peel 1 head of garlic or up to 200gr each time.
1 liter of water
Parsley (optional- to pack with garlic and oil)

1.- I have removed or shelled the garlic of 7 "garlic heads" to put them in olive oil once peeled - it is very well preserved - and thus go out when I need it for my stir-fry. With which you decide how many you need to peel.
2.- Put up to 200gr of garlic in the glass and fill the glass with water to the mark of 1 liter (inner mark of the glass).

  • Program 4 seconds, turn left and speed 4, If you want the garlic to come out whole.
  • If you want envasar already chopped so that they do not slip when cut by being in oil, 4 seconds program, turn left and speed 5-7.

3.- Let the garlic in the glass stand for a couple of minutes, the skins will float and the garlic will remain in the area of ​​the blades. Not all garlic is whole, but if you have to peel a significant amount this method is very comfortable.

Note: Once peeled, drain them and let them dry on absorbent paper. Put them in a boat, you can add sliced ​​parsley leaves (for use in steaks, roasts, grilled steaks ...) or alone. They are covered with extra virgin olive oil and they keep wonderful. I will leave them in the fridge.

As you get the garlic, fill with oil because they can not stay in the air, that is, without covering EVOO, they break down. They can also be frozen already peeled.

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Video: Peel Garlic - Thermomix TM5 Recipes (January 2020).