TELVA kitchen and

We are delighted, very happy and proud that a publication as important as TELVA, includes us in the favorite blogs of “TELVA kitchen”, in his new recipe book with this month's magazine, along with 12 more bloggers. Congratulations to all!!. (we leave on page 73)

Do not miss the magazine with the recipe book. There are 70 recipes to succeed with friends, a special day or to have ideas to peck. All of them with excellent photos, some even with step by step.
There is a "Mousse with corn flakes”On page 39 he is screaming for me to prepare it !!! I have to get with her ... I'll give you a good account of that.

PD: You see that I have put myself behind the table to go out in the photo with the cookbook, I have done it between little time and a little while that the TMX was working ... it is not my best photo but I found it funny: D


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