The result of the Apple Challenge from! First of all, I want to apologize for the delay. And secondly, I ask you please that during a good little season you don't talk to me about apples. : D
They have finally reached us 150 recipes, which is a record of participation and if only for that reason, they have already been worth every night I have spent sailing, editing the photos and the book that will soon be released.
But we go in parts, first of all, above you have all the photos of the participants. There were so many images that I had to upload them to Flickr. Otherwise this post would be endless. As for the winners, to choose them, we have agreed on the best photography and the better presentation and the rest has been the result of a random draw of numbers. There is no Notary but I promise you that there is no trap: D. Of course, there have been participants with more than one recipe. I have only admitted to participate with one of them so that everyone had the same number of possibilities in the draw.
And now (drum roll) here is the list of winners of the products of Emile henry and the Speed ​​

I can only give you the thanks for the recipes, delivery and effort. You know that I would love to be able to reward all the participants but as that is impossible, here are some extra gifts that I hope you put on to cook and send me the corresponding photograph. I tell you, you are going to be very beautiful and handsome:
The names of each of the participants appear in the photographs. And there is still the best. Stay tuned to your screen because in a few days we will have the Big Book of Apples (And here I can read)
Challenge winners must send their personal information to the following email address so they can send their gifts:

Video: Results! 10 Apple Challenge - Knife Hit (January 2020).