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Lisbon: Blessed Pastéis de Belém

... and damn extra kilos that I already carry in my body: D

Greetings to all from Lisbon. I think it's the first time I write on the blog during a trip, but this time it was worth it. Surely you remember the recipe that I gave you very recently of the Pastéis de Belém so known in the world and that they are made from a secret recipe that has its origin in the nearby Jeronimos Monastery ...

I have just been there and tried the cakes and they are spectacular, and come on, I have to admit that they have nothing to do with those of the blog, but it must also be said that after trying a few of these cakes in several “trustworthy”Lisboetas - I have already made a long route of patisseries through the city-, those of Belém are different from all the previous ones, much more crispy, delicious, roasted on top, with a texture that makes them unique.

I promise you that I tried to get one of the bakers with my feminine charms, but there was no luck, though, he let himself take a picture while one of his companions showed the cake trays ...

On each tray there are 60 cakes and you would have to see how quickly they are unmold. The cakes I think they never get cold because the place is a hotbed of people. The capacity is about 2000 people, most of them go to the main desk, but in each room there are waiters who serve you and where you can sit and drink, you pass with a “bica"(Short coffee) or a"galao”Coffee with milk, among many other things, because you can eat there.

Useful information you escape to Lisbon:

-The Pastéis de Belém they cost 0.90 euros the unit, although you can hardly eat only one. Remember to sprinkle them with cinnamon and / or icing sugar. They have boxes to take away.

-To reach the Pastry shop Belem you must take the tram line 15 in the "Praça do Comércio”And get off at the stop of“ Los Jerónimos ”, Rúa de Belém. Don't worry, you'll know where it is because of the hustle and bustle at the door.
Curiosity: They have mounted a Starbucks 10 meters from the bakery and do not miss it ... also serve the Pastéis de Belém ... its clear version, hahahaha, but who can think of it? : D
To see the recipe click here