II Gastronomic Photography Contest

Last year was the first call of the Gastronomic Photography Contest and soonnnnn came out, that this year is repeated, and hopefully it lasts a few more, but for it to work we have to participate, so now the hot potato is on our roof.
I will put in a little while to look for photos, I still do not know which one I will send, but I do not miss the contest for anything in the world!
Good luck to everyone, bloggers and not bloggers. Upload your best photo NOW !!!
Good Sunday
-Photo collection has already started, so you can upload your photo ALREADY! same and until June 10, 2010 at 12.00 in the morning.
-All fans of gastronomic photography can participate that selflessly demonstrate it in their blogs and social networks.
-Exist four categories, the first three for gastronomic bloggers and the last for any other person who demonstrates his fondness for gastronomic photography in a blog of any subject.

The categories are:

1. Recipes and still lifes
2. Gastronomic landscape
3. Oenology
4. Gastronomic photography. This category will be open to the participation of all types of bloggers.
* You can only participate with one image for each category.

The awards:

-A prize for each of the winners of the four categories: A Canon EOS 600D digital Reflex camera with EF-S 18-55 mm IS II lens.
-For each of the four winners, an invitation (unaccompanied) to the Tapas & Blogs meeting dinner, which will take place in the Coque restaurant on June 17, 2011.
* To participate you must register at the microsite of II Gastronomic photography contest with Repsol Guide as well as to access the rest of the bases.

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