Do you know Ourense? You have it in FITUR

This Thursday I was lucky enough to go to FITUR from the hand of Begoña Cádiz of the “Board of Trustees of Ourense”Who has kindly invited me for several reasons, but the fundamental one, for being Galician (from Marín with an Ourensan family) and has taught me many things about my land that I did not know and others that I thought were forgotten.

Do not you think that sometimes we are more interested in the outside than ours? I am not very traveling through Galicia or Spain. Whenever I can, I take a plane and get lost in Europe or cross the puddle, but Begoña has shown me wonders that are here, by our side and that we sometimes pass by. The visit to Fitur It has also reminded me of my days in Ourense many, many years ago.
As Burgas... I have a slight memory of when I was a child, I put my hand under the jet of hot water. Yes, hot and hot, between 60 and 67ºC according to the guide.
I did not remember that the Miño had fallen in love with the Romans who built Ourense next to the river to stock up on its waters, what I do remember is that there are many spas in the area, each one better and that they have increased in quality. Now I understand the Galician waters as Mondaríz or the ourensanas waters of Verín: Sousas, Cabreiroá, Fontenova ...
The thermas of To chavasqueira, the pools of Muño de Veiga, he Parador of Santo Estevo, the spa ... what a wonder. And the meals in our land that ... that is never lacking, good dishes and good wines. Let's see who says no to a Mencía of the Ribeira Sacra. I recommend the catamaran trip through the Sil Canyons.
It came to mind when I saw a photo, the Caldas da Partovia Spa, in O Carballiño, to which I went with my parents as a child - which smelled bad, jiji - are medicinal waters: for the digestive system, urinary tract, livers, skin, rheumatism, circulatory and nervous system. I remember the old stone building, a large estate, the bathtubs embedded at ground level ... will it be the same?
How many new things, flavors, smells, places Begoña has taught me. If I have not seen anything yet of my land. I have to go back and meet again.
And how I liked to meet Agustín de Child (town of the Riveira Sacra), a potter of the few remaining and that lives on its crafts. Makes the vessels that were used in the past to store the lard, to save the blood of the slaughter, to submerge the sausages, to use as oil lamps with leftovers, for water, for wine ... and thus up to 33 forms of use. It works with a peculiar clay of the area, of dark tones that after the cooking process takes on a cheerful and bright color, yellow, which makes them different from all, fire resistant to use in the kitchen. Unique pieces in serious danger of extinction.
And of course, how could it be otherwise, we share a few Gallegos table, Begoña (my hostess), Agustín the potter, Santiago, a sharpener of the few who continue to sharpen knives on a bicycle, Carlos-chef and who I promise to go to pay a visit to your hotel He Blindrvor which is located on the highest mountain of Galicia in Xares, A Veiga-, José Manuel the manager of the tourism board, Teo and María some Galician "Complices", all around a table with a perfect Bica de Castrocaldelas, a good wine Toasted recovered from Ribeiro with designation of origin and good conversation. As María Monsonís said -which has returned to Galicia with new projects after many years in the capital-, now we have to enjoy this “terriña nosa”. I think so, I have a lot to discover.
I take this opportunity to invite you all to travel this Holy Year to Galicia and of course to Ourense, one of the 4 Galician provinces ... I hope that many of those who are on the other side of the pond are encouraged and come Xacobeo this year.

And I will take the opportunity to consider doing this Xacobeo 2010 "the way".
A thousand thanks Begoña for thinking about me.

Video: balance ourense en fitur (January 2020).