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2nd meeting Tapas & Blogs

A few days ago we finally had our second meeting of Tapas & Blogs in the oldest pub in Madrid, located very close to the Royal Theater.
Tavern "The Crusade" (1827). On its website you can read a brief summary of the story where they comment that some of their famous clients were Valle-Inclán, the Machado brothers, Benito Perez Galdós and even King Alfonso XII himself.
The place has a solera but it is very well restored and the best of all is its content, although it houses more than 700 wines, it lovingly stores its best selection, the so-called “The magnificent 100 of La Crusade“.
The wines of our tasting were delicious, all different but rich, accompanied by each of its cover ... Next I leave the photo with the name of each of them, their designation of origin and the lid with which we tasted them.
Personally regarding the tapas, the one I liked the most was caramelized onion potato omelette, I was little curdled, as I like it, with the other two I had problems, hahaha, the strudel was dismantling and something was missing. The hamburger was undercooked (I don't like raw meat ... my husband would love it).

He sommelier He explained to us in detail the wines, their characteristics, their elaboration processes, their contact with the air once opened and we could see there, how the flavor was transforming with the minutes: a joy for the senses. Definitely delicious also the Amber Rouge with edible pieces of gold ... exquisite.
Perhaps the worst (on my back) is to have had to stand all the time and share a bar with the rest of the clientele, we had to make an effort not to mislead ourselves in the explanations, like a good tavern, there was a lot of noise.

If you go to this place, do not stay alone at the bar. They have a dining room in the background. I leave below the address data, phone in case you want to surprise someone. The menu prices are around 45 euros, 65 and 95 euros per person, on its website you can see the full menu ...
The best, without a doubt, to meet all the friends and new bloggers (welcome) and learn to taste (a little) a wine, to appreciate it ... It has been a very fruitful outing, I am already looking forward to the next one.
La Crusade Tavern
C / Amnesty No. 8 (Madrid)
tlf: 915480131
They have free parking in the Plaza de Oriente for 2 hours (who knew; D)

In this meeting we have been:
Alfonso of “Recipe of Rechupete
Dani de ” The cookie Monster
Rachel from “Gastronomic synesthesia
Marta from “Straight to the palate
Carlos from “Let's see what we cook today
Lúa of “Fundspeople
Dew of “Gastromaniac
Alejandra from “Charming kitchen
Rodrigo from “By my stove
Iñigo of “Unamis Madrid's
Damian of “I'm made a kitchenette
Celina from “Celina catering
Angels of “Cooking
Juan from “The wolverine's belly
and Spoon Speed

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