How Extra Virgin oil is made

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We start the year learning !!!
The holidays are over and we return to normal ... and we begin to work on the blog and learn everything we can to show it to you. This time I have to go out to Úbeda from the hand of the Deputation of Jaén to meet the oil “Extra Virgin of Jaén 2.0"... will be 3 days (January 14, 15 and 16) with 20 bloggers from all over Spain, which we will enjoy very much knowing the step by step of the elaboration of the oil that I will tell you later delighted ... From the olive harvest in the olive tree to the arrival to the bottle of oil that we all buy ... besides learning to differentiate and taste a good oil.
I really want to see the whole process live, because I know there is a lot of difference between a olive oil Extra Virgin and another that is not, in fact, I always use the best oil I can, the characteristics are incomparable between them and the reality is that not much oil is spent on the TMX. ; D
He Extra virgin olive oil It has a lot of good properties for our health, it is hypocholesteromiant, it contains antioxidants, it helps prevent atherosclerosis and, among other things, it is a basic of our Mediterranean diet ... you will see, I will tell you very interesting things on the way back, I am sure ... I already have the camera charging: D
Thanks to the promoter of this event Fernando Ortega from "“That he is working hard on his dream of making a great oil that can be bought from anywhere in the world, - this internet sales has taken an impressive turn, not only in terms of product exchanges but also in the form of communicate- and thanks also to Alfonso Lopez from "Recipe of Rechupete"I know you have put your sand" granite "in this project: D
Of course you can follow us on Twitter: #VEJaen because we are going to be telling you all things live next weekend: D
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We will inform you, so watch the blog.
Many kisses

Video: How to Make Extra Virgin Olive Oil at Home (January 2020).