1st Breadstorming Bimbo Great

I'm still heaving against the walls, hahahaha ... I can't believe it !!!! I don't want you to miss anything about this story, so I start at the beginning.
A few weeks ago I received an email from Anna Codina fromFirm" where they proposed to participate in the 1st Bimbo Breadstorming... the truth is that I read it a couple of times because I did not give credit ... the collaboration was to prepare a dish of low or medium difficulty with great Bimbo bread, travel to Barcelona to prepare it and go out in Bimbo packages.

The latter left me with my mouth open, because I thought it was a great opportunity to publicize the blog, we're going to leave in 2 million packages! You already know the answer: D

I think it was a long time since I had so many nerves, some friends gave me ideas, in the end I tried some things and I opted for what I thought was more colorful and that it was very simple, my Salad cake with dehydrated olives and truffle aroma oil.

When I learned that my friend -which I love very much- Alfonso de “Recipe of Rechupete"I would travel with me to Barcelona, ​​I breathed calmly ... I was already in good hands, hahahaha, but when we got there the thing was even better. We went out at night Javi, Rafa Prades, Alfonso López, Mar Varela ... it was the first contact and we went to have a drink Snack in the Diagonal.

I think that the next morning all the bloggers were spectators but as soon as we were all together something special came up. Call me geek if you want, but I do not know what happens with this internet and the kitchen, that as soon as we join people who like the same, something special happens, there is an understanding from the beginning that is not normal. It is brutal.


We all got into the kitchen of Neus Canal and Silvia Mirabet, Cookiteca, what a shop and what a kitchen ... luckily they are not in Madrid, because I really think I was going to have a space problem in my house, hahahaha ... there we started cooking the first 5 bloggers with the help of the other 5 who would cook in the afternoon ... Small recipes !!! We ate everything and we ate everything too. Helping us not to miss anything I was leading the kitchen Bernard Benbassat that treated us phenomenally ...

It was a hilarious and exhausting afternoon, but so rewarding ... From here I want to give you the thanks to Bimbo, Anna Codinna, Marc Lite, Neus, Silvia, Bernard and the rest of the people who were sharing the day with us for the kind treatment they had, for the love and respect.

And since everything was so intense, he didn't give us time to see anything about Barcelona - since it was the first time he was traveling: (- but we could have a drink at the Velodrome Bar (Muntaner 213) and dinner at the Japanese Restaurant "Bun Sichi" (Passage Lluis Pellicer 20) which was great.

Here you have our photos, those of the 10 gastronomic bloggers we cooked for BIMBO on December 11 in Barcelona ... and I also tell you our recipes:

1.- Iscariot of “The dressing” made us a Puding from berries
2.- We are going to cook prepared a Eggplant and curried chicken strudel
3.- Loreto of “Flavors of Colors” made some Bimbo Greek dumplings.
4.- Starbase of "From cuina" He presented medallions of chistorra and idiazabal.
5.- Margarida of “El mon de la cuina”Prepared one Mascarpone and chocolate cake.
6.- Javier from “Javi Recipes”Cooked some Flamenco Bimbo Buenísimo.
7.- Alfonso López of “Recipe of Rechupete"Made some Bimbo bread scarves stuffed with cream.
8.- Rafa Prades of “With the five senses” prepared Sardinillas muffins.
9.- José Maldonado, known as “Pepe Kitchen" made a Salmon Puding with Bimbo.
10.- and “” cooked a Salad cake, tuna, salmon and Bimbo.
This photo is missing Javi Recipes that is next to me ... but I put it because I think it is a very beautiful photo and a special memory.
From February you can see the recipe of each blogger month by month ... I'll let you know when it's our turn.
Kisses to all and until next time. It has been a pleasure to share experiences with all of you.
PS: special thanks to Gloria Pie and Marta Farreras for making the effort to find us: D
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