We start Tapas & ßlogs season

We started the Tapas & Blogs season, who would say it… and there are 8 neither more nor less. A lot of faces were missing in this meeting and we could only attend 30 bloggers and as the family had grown so much as it shows, but the meeting had as always fun, good company and lots of laughs ... especially after trying the Beefeater 24 That is very "rich."

I want to thank Alya from "Cartoon cooking”For the great drawings he has made of the event. She is an illustrative piece and it shows in her cooking blog for quite some time ... since I discovered her I am an absolute fan and I invite you all to know her more closely because her Blog He has an awesome job. I love how you got me Alya, with my camera which is what I like the most…

And since we are grateful, we must also thank Dani and Alfonso for the work and time they spend making these meetings a reality ... it is a pleasure to see you with people who cook "for the love of art."
On this occasion the meeting was called Beefeater at BeChic and we were offered a rich menu and a tasting of normal Beefeater and Beefeater 24. The place where we had dinner did not know him, I leave his address: BeChic Restaurant in the street Valverde street, 28 Madrid. And as I never drink drinks or combined I had not tried the Beefeater that for your curiosity I will tell you that 24 costs much more than normal, about 10-12 euros above, but it is true that it is infinitely softer ... Now you will have the tasting what to do you ... I in this if I'm not very set: D
-Tempered Scallops Salad with Truffle Aroma with seasonal vegetables
- Cod confit with strawberries and hints of vanilla and yogurt
-Carré de Cordero and carrots with cumin and custard
-Texture of passion fruit
Wine and champagne from Pernord Ricard
PD: I was going to put pictures in the post but with the drawing so beautiful that it has done Alya I think they totally dazzle ...