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The dream of a summer night

Hello! I recognize it, I'm lazy. I don't feel like cooking, maybe autumn is begging too much and it's also Sunday. Today I will not do anything for that reason I bring you some very cool photos of our already "memories" of these holidays. We have rested a lot, disconnecting at the top of the asphalt, returning home and zampando like crazy.
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We need to cook

From the village of Khanimambo

Holaaaaaa: D You know that for a month and a half we are working so that this coming Christmas, the more than 300 children of the Khanimambo Foundation can open the new dining room of their center in Praia Xai-Xai in Mozambique. They and I thank you for all the effort you have made so far, also helping us to disseminate this initiative through the social networks that, hopefully culminates in a few weeks, with the good news of having achieved the money needed to open the doors of the dinning room.
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Homemade Mahonesa with blender or Thermomix

Do you know how to make homemade mayonnaise? When I bought my Thermomix I got rid of all the small appliances but when they gave it to me a while later I was delighted, because it is so practical to make mehish that I'm lazy to do it at the Thermo. In 30 seconds it is ready and you do not have to be weighing the oil or filling the beaker of the lid so that it falls gradually.
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45 minutes

Octopus to Feira

I'm going to tell you about this excellent Galician recipe, just one thing, it's much richer if you serve it on a wooden plate with a good oil, coarse salt and paprika. I hope you like it as much as I do. Ingredients for 4 people: 1,250g of frozen octopus 1 liter of water ½ onion 1 hour of laurel 500gr of peeled and sliced ​​potatoes Coarse salt 50gr of extra virgin olive oil 20gr of sweet and spicy paprika Preparation: 1.
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Lamb Gosht, recipe from India

What a rich and intense smell in my kitchen today, I am sure that the neighbors of the community wonder what is being cooked in it today. Searching the web for one of those little things that I like so much, I found a recipe from Vorwerk that quickly entered my eyes. It is a traditional dish of India, where the lamb is the main star and the explosion of spices is attenuated with one of its main ingredients that is yogurt.
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Invisible Gastronomic Friends 2010

Every year we have the great luck that for a few bloggers Christmas is ahead of us. Yes, especially for those of us who have a blog and we join the call of "Bea's corner" that giving us a lot of time, makes a lot of blogs point to this idea of ​​giving someone you do not know, to be generous and to create illusions.
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